reset negative beliefs
focus on effortless creation

Giving priority to your deepest desire and well-being, requires courage!

The 22 day CHALLENGE IS for you if...  

·   you need a complete reset of old beliefs and want to learn to focus at a high level on what you want to achieve
·   negative of forceful thoughts tend to take charge of your life
·   you want to release old stuck patterns at their core
·   you feel stuck regarding your health
·   you are led by fear, doubt and uncertainty
·   you feel that you want something different in your life but don't know what and where to start
·   you are afraid of the unknows
·   you hold yourself back because of what others think or might think about you     
·   you are ready to take new steps forward
·   you think you don't really have anything to complain about but deep in your heart you know that you want more or something different

The 22 Day Challenge was developed after witnessing an increased desire in Els' clients (and people in general) to become more aligned with their (innate) gifts and potential, mission in life, and deep desire to live more purposefully.
This process is built on a holistic approach and included: acknowledging and letting go of undesirable situations, thoughts and feelings and then discovering the desired outcomes, blockages, and the tools needed to breakthrough these perceived limitations.  

This challenge is for those who dare to take responsibility for the processes, feelings, and choices when engaging with the various experiences that show up in their daily life. It requires trust, perseverance and finding a rhythm in oneself to live this way. Under the guidance of Els, this new rhythm can be established from a place of true freedom while discovering a whole new way of being in life. 

It is a complete reset of old beliefs and learning at a deep level to focus on what you want to achieve.


Full focus on yourself and your process. You have perseverance and know yourself, with the help of the program, to repack at difficult times. You are ready to let go of old (stuck) patterns and to spread your wings!


Support each other in your process by listening to meditations together and sharing exercises. Ups and downs. Focusing on your own process and doing it together can be just the push you need to continue!


Does your process ask a lot from you and do you like to share your questions and experiences and receive individual advice to take the next step? Then choose the challenge under supervision of Els.

I am ready to live from strength!