Consultations with Animals

I give animals a voice
— Els Basten

Interview by Lilou Macé

Els together with her sweet Noah

Els together with her sweet Noah

In KRO The Walk (Dutch) Els tells about her story how she started to communicate with animals.

In KRO The Walk (Dutch) Els tells about her story how she started to communicate with animals.

It all started when serious chronic fatigue seemed to determine my whole life. I tell my story in an interview with Lilou Macé. My mission is to help as many animals as possible and to strengthen the bond between humans and animals so that healing can take place.
— Els Basten

Consultation with an animal

You can go to Els with your animal when he / she suffers from physical discomfort, behavioral problems and when you want to know what is going on in the experience of your animal. Els translates what an animal wants to tell you, scans the body for blockages and works on the balance of the animal on an energetical basis. The self-healing power is addressed, which means that the animal is put in its power and from there the healing process is activated.

What an animal tells about the relationship between humans and animals provides many insights for your own process. An animal often feels flawlessly what is wrong with his 'owner' and Els knows how to translate this in a practical way.

Els works from a down to earth point of view and combines energetic work with tailored dietary advice and supplements. In addition, you will notice that she always gives something that you yourself can use as an owner for your animal. This way you are closely involved in the healing process and this strengthens the bond with your animal.

Successful results achieved at o.a.

- intestinal problems
- joints and muscles
- hyperactivity
- heart disease (including cardiomyopathy)
- epileptic seizures
- itching
- bumps and warts
- pulling on the leash
- aggression towards human / animal
- unrest in horse herd
- car sickness
- support during vaccinations, castration, sterilization
- hormonal imbalance
- guidance at the last moment ...
- unexplained complaints (even when an animal has been given up by the vet)
- etc.