Consultations and Trainings

Our mission is to professionally walk individuals through a process who are striving for greater health and well-being and desire to live from a place of inner strength and self/personal responsibility. Unerlying or unconscious blockages often obscure the real/true identity of a person.
By employing practical methods and treatment strategies, a highly individualized plan can be drawn up for everyone. Els sees each client’s highest potential, holding their best possible outcome at heart.

Els also works with animals, providing clear insights and information she receives from connecting with them on another level. Have you wondered what your animal would say about your relationship? Or perhaps you are curious to know more about your animal’s physical ailments or limitations, or would like to gain more understanding and guidance surrounding behavioural issues your animal is exhibiting? Whatever it is, Els is a compassionate and experienced guide to help you and your animal find balance again.


Do you long to break free from negative beliefs, repetitive patterns and unpleasant feelings that can seem so convincingly real? Do you want to take greater strides toward happiness and let go of everything that stands in your way? Els can guide you back to joyful living with individually tailored advice as a coach and a healer.  


Do you sometimes notice that your animal is not completely happy, is physically out of balance, or seems ill? Do you feel they want to tell you something but you can't put your finger on it? Els offers individually tailored dietary advice, healing on the levels of body, mind and soul and can provide specific insights and advice to help you get started on the path to greater balance.


Are you feeling the prompt to take yourself to the next level and delve into a deep training within yourself? Or perhaps you want to learn and explore how you can guide others by discoverint and developing your own talents? Individual training is extremely suitable to equip you for this.

Els has been an incredible co-pilot; supporting, encouraging and guiding me to seek self-love and to understand and embrace all sides of myself. The impact she has made on my life is so profound - when I reflect on where I was at just before I met her, I can hardly believe I am that same person!
— Erin Norleen -