Individual consultations

Els specializes in combining practical coaching with energetic treatments. She works specifically with your personal energy to help bring you back into alignment with your true nature so you can start taking back responsibility for your life. This absolutely does not mean that you have to do it alone. Rather, in cooperation with Els, you will learn how to deal with the further challenges in your life and how to take the next step. 

Els offers consultations in her practice in the Netherlands, via Skype and Email. Read more.



Individual coaching fully focuses on personal development; the discovery of one's mission and how to deal with challenges in life.
A coaching session with Els is a cooperative effort in which you both determine your goals and design a plan to achieve them. You will learn new skills and perspectives on how to handle your situations in ways you may not have seen before. Els will provide feedback to help you see how your reactions and behaviours in specific situations are affecting you. You will learn how to receive and handle criticism from others. This is very helpful so you can learn to distinguish between what (reactions) you are responsible for and what belongs to others.



A healing session involves identifying energetic blockages that create disturbances in many areas of one's life.

Through her subtle way of working, Els guides your body, mind and soul into balance. She helps you find answers to your life's questions. By identifying and clearing energetic blockages, you will gain great clarity and insights of unexplained symptoms you've been carrying. You can observe as the foundation of your entire system moves back into balance, from which the above are working and healing. It is important to recognize your body's innate ability to heal itself in order for the healing process to continue. 

A healing session with Els is a powerful and loving way to align with your true essence and receive answers to questions about your life's journey. When you open up to this healing experience, you will profoundly feel the effects. The unique form of healing Els practices is adjusted according to each person's situation, meaning no two sessions are alike. Healing combined with insight, focus and attention to changes in life is a special and powerful method to balance the body, mind and soul.

Els offers guidance in cases like when organs are not functioning optimally, fatigue, weakened immune system, poor digestive activity, or oxygen regulation, to name a few. 
Unresolved traumas, fears, uncertainty and lack of confidence are also areas she specializes in. She can help break the cycle of continuous streams of thoughts, negative thinking, and limited or lack of ability to connect with emotions and feelings. She helps her clients see how they place unconscious focus on negative thoughts and feelings, and assists in shifting the focus. Often, people experience difficulty connecting their heart with their head/mind, and Els can help create more coherence between them.
Of course, many ponder their life’s purpose or why they feel stuck in certain areas of their life and Els lovingly walks people through these types of challenging transitions.
Life questions and feeling stuck in (areas of your) life.



combination coaching and treatment

Treatment can be combined with coaching if we feel it is a necessary next step. The focus of the treatment will be to help remove what blocks you from who you wish to be. The detection and elimination of blockages occurs on the levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as they are all intertwined. If you are experiencing physical problems, you will also work on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels together. Likewise, if nature of the issue is mental or emotional, something may be (unconsciously) blocking you on the physical level that you need to change.