Let your healing be a process and a deep transformation in you. Not a short term solution to a superficial symptom
— Els Basten

How important is communication?

Communication is very important in all areas of your life. Look at communication between people, in a relationship, whether it is a work relationship, love relationship, friendship relationship, relationship between humans and animals. And not only through words, but also your body language and what you radiate.

Also think about communication within your body, between body and soul, between your organs.

Suppose you feel tired, you go to the doctor and got your blood tested. The result shows that a certain vitamin value is too low. You take vitamin supplements for a few weeks / months, but your symptoms don’t change. It may just be that you have to take another vitamin in order to better absorb the other. Or maybe your intestines are not working optimally, so absorbing the vitamin is not possible.

Good communication between your organs is also of great importance. Everything is connected to each other and if somewhere a substance or a connection is missing or weakened, the entire system can collapse.

If your heart doesn’t communicate with your head or vice versa, you will find that you can’t (easily) switch between feeling and thoughts. It is either your thoughts or your feelings, while the combination of these two actually gives golden results.

Compare it with a car:
You can put all functioning parts in a car, but if you don't make a connection between those parts, then it doesn't do anything at all and the car just stands still.
That's how it works in your body.

What do I have to offer you?

  • Detecting the missing link in your ‘system

  • An individually adapted therapy / guidance to restore the connections in you

For whom?

People of all ages come to my practice.
The background of my clients is very different, one is very down to earth, the other is very sensitive and spiritual. There are people who have just starting complaints and ask me for help and also people who have been searching for years. They all have one thing in common:
They want to feel happy and healthy and feel trust in life.