Melissa Sorge

The work she did with both myself and my dog to bring my dog back home was incredible and it opened up the possibilities of the universe. Suddenly I had all these new tools to use in my life. Suddenly my eyes and heart were more open than ever before. Els helped connect me to my dog on an even deeper level than I ever thought possible. I can’t even begin to describe the healing work she did with us. It was like magic. If I hadn’t found Els we would have never got our dog back, and I might not have ever blossomed into this strong, powerful woman that I have become.

Since getting our dog back I have gone on to work with Els on many different occasions. We have worked on building my business together, sleep issues with my daughter, moving through birth trauma from my daughter’s birth, finding deep trust to have an incredible birth experience with my son and healing my sweet cat. Els has helped me recognize a large part of what my purpose is here on earth and has helped guide me to find myself. Time after time she has helped elevate me to a new spiritual realm within myself. I have grown and changed a lot in the last few years thanks to her healing work and her guidance. Together we have worked on gaining confidence and trust in myself and I have witnessed myself birthed into a new person.

Els is my coach, my mentor, my angel and my friend. If you get the chance to have Els be a part of your life I know you will feel deeply touched for she is very, very special.

Thank you Els, for all you have given to me and my family. I love you deeply.

-Melissa Sorge